System Access

Trauma Plan Components – System Access

Reviewed June 2013; Oct 2014; Oct 2015; Oct 2016; Oct 2017; Oct 2018; Oct 2019; Oct 2021

All counties within TSA-C have 911 systems accessible by ground and mobile phones, routed to the tower closest to the caller.Agencies within TSA-C utilize radio and cellular phones for dispatch, communication between vehicles, and on-line Medical Control.Dispatchers confirm location to assure correct response.

Counties with 911 ANI









Counties with Enhanced 911




Archer County

Dispatch: Archer County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Archer City Ambulance ServiceFirst Responders: Holiday Volunteer Fire DepartmentNo trained Dispatchers in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD)

Baylor County

Dispatch: Baylor County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Seymour/Baylor County EMSFirst Responders: NoneNo trained Dispatchers in EMD

Clay County

Dispatch: Clay County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Clay County Hospital EMSFirst Responders: Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department, Jolly Volunteer Fire Department, Deandale Volunteer Fire Department, Petrolia Volunteer Fire Department, Arrowhead Ranch Estates Volunteer Fire Department, Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department, BlueGrove Volunteer Fire Department, Byers Volunteer Fire Department, Joy Volunteer Fire Department, Lake Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department, Vashita Volunteer Fire DepartmentNo trained Dispatchers in EMD

Cottle County

Dispatch: Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Paducah EMSFirst Responders: NoneTwo dispatchers trained in EMD

Foard County

Dispatch: Hardeman County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Three Rivers Ambulance ServiceFirst Responders: NoneOne EMT dispatcher only

Hardeman County

Dispatch: Hardeman County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Hardeman County EMS in two locationsQuanah and ChillicotheFirst Responders: NoneOne EMT dispatcher only

Jack County

JacksboroDispatch: Jack County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Faith Community Hospital EMSFirst Responders: NoneBrysonDispatch: Jack County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Bryson EMSFirst Responders: NoneNo dispatchers trained in EMD

Montague County

BowieDispatch: Montague County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Bowie Fire DepartmentFirst Responders: Sunset Volunteer Fire DepartmentNoconaDispatch: Montague County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Nocona Hospital EMSFirst Responders: NoneNocona HillsDispatch: Montague County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Nocona Hills EMSFirst Responders: NoneSaint JoDispatch: Montague County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Saint Jo Volunteer Fire Department/EMSFirst Responders: Forrestberg Volunteer Fire DepartmentNo trained dispatchers in EMD

Palo Pinto County

Dispatch: Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Office EMS First Responders: None No trained Dispatchers in EMD

Wichita County

Electra Dispatch: Electra Police DepartmentAmbulance: Tri-Med Ambulance ServiceFirst Responders: Punkin Center Volunteer Fire Department, Kamay Volunteer Fire DepartmentTwo EMD DispatchersWichita FallsDispatch: American Medical ResponseAmbulance: American Medical ResponseFirst Responders: Wichita Falls Fire Department, Burkburnett Fire Department, Wichita West Volunteer Fire DepartmentAll Dispatchers EMD trained

Wilbarger County

Dispatch: Vernon Police DepartmentAmbulance: Vernon Fire DepartmentFirst Responders: Harrold Volunteer Fire DepartmentNo trained Dispatchers in EMD

Wise County

Dispatch: Wise County Sheriff’s OfficeAmbulance: Wise County EMSFirst Responders: Boyd Volunteer Fire Department, Cottondale Volunteer Fire Department, Chico Volunteer Fire Department, Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department, Booneville & Balsora Volunteer Fire Department, Crafton Volunteer Fire Department, Decatur Volunteer Fire Department, Lake Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department, Alvord Volunteer Fire Department, Newark Volunteer Fire Department, Rhome Volunteer Fire Department, Paradise Volunteer Fire Department, Runaway Bay Volunteer Fire DepartmentNo trained Dispatchers in EMD