Inter-hospital Transfers

Reviewed June 2013; Oct 2014; Oct 2015; Oct 2016; Oct 2017; Oct 2018; Oct 2019; Oct 2021

Trauma patients requiring specialized treatment or specialized care are identified via the Triage Decision Scheme. Transfer to an appropriate facility is based on these criteria.

Written transfer agreements are available between the lead Level II Trauma Facility (United Regional) and all hospitals within the trauma service area. The children’s facilities, Cook’s Fort Worth Children’s and Dallas Children’s also have written transfer agreements with hospitals in TSA-C.

Inter-Facility transfers can be directed through United Regional Hospital 11th street via the toll free Trauma transfer number 1(866) 645-6333. This number is answered by the Emergency Department and is a recorded line.

The trauma patient will be accompanied with the appropriate equipment and personnel while being transferred.