Editing Site Documentation

Site users who login and have the Ntrac Admin role will see this link to protected downloads in place of the member login button:

Use this link to add Minutes, Meetings, Agendas, and Protected Files.

On the file upload page there is the option to assign the type (Meetings, Agendas, etc) and Program:

Ntrac related documents will be uploaded the same way (Agendas, Minutes, etc) but you need to choose ‘Ntrac’ as the program title.

To add the site to the Protected Files page, scroll down and assign the role to ‘ntrac_admin’ (and removed the ‘all visitors’ setting):

Programs and the Commitee Chairs are created using the ‘Programs’ and ‘Member Profiles’ page. On the member profile page you can assign it to a program.

Adding Quicklinks:

Quicklinks are adding through this sidebar menu: