List of RAC Officers and Executive Board

Updated June 2013; Oct 2014; Oct 2015; Oct 2016: Oct 2017; Oct 2018

  1. Roger Ritchie, Chair
  2. Kim Stringfellow RN, Vice Chair
  3. Jacky Betts, Treasurer
  4. Rusty Sheppard, Secretary

Executive Board Members:

Kim Stringfellow: Administrative Representative from the Lead Hospital

Open: Administrative Representative from Level 4 Hospitals
Kenny Hoffman: Ambulance Representative from Paid Providers
Foster Simmons: Ambulance Representative from Volunteer Providers
Rusty Sheppard: Non-Ambulance Representative from Paid Responders
Mark Hale: Non-Ambulance Representative from Volunteer Responders
Laura Pressler: Education Representative from Hospital Provider
Open: Education Representative from PHEMS Provider
Jacky Betts: Nurse Provider from Lead Hospital
Lauren O’Neal: Nurse Provider from Level 4 Hospital
Cassie Cox: Acute Care Lead Hospital
Roger Ritchie: Air Medical
Open: Medical Executive Officer (MEO) for NTRAC General Membership
Open: Lay Person
Lou Schafer: Pediatric Representative from Lead Hospital
Dr. Brett May: Physician Representative for Lead Hospital

Sheila Marks: Neonatal Representative from Lead Hospital

Open: Neonatal Representative from Level 4 Hospital

Jeff Miller: Emergency Preparedness (HCC)

Updated June 2013; Oct 2014; Oct 2015; Oct 2016: Oct 2017