Introduction to NTRAC, TSA-C

Trauma Introduction

Introduction to NTRAC, TSA-C

Revised June 2013: Oct 2015; Oct 2016: Oct 2017; Oct 2018
Reviewed Oct 2014

Trauma Service Area C is located in North Central Texas. Made up of 10 Counties, it includes 10 hospitals, 17 EMS providers, 8 first responder organizations and 1 air medical service. Numerous First Responder organizations are either operating now or in preparation for operation as a result of the outreach education supported by NTRAC and its committees. All member hospitals within the service area are Trauma Level Designated.

NTRAC conducts its General Membership and NTRAC Executive Board meetings on the first Thursday of every even month. The membership is comprised of a diverse group of members from each area served, Physicians, Trauma Nurses, Administrators, EMS Providers, First Responders and Lay Persons. Current committees are Bylaws, Continuous Quality Improvement, PHEMS, Public Information and Education, Finance, Trauma Nurse Coordinators, Neonatal, Acute Care, Air Medical and Pediatrics.

The NTRAC recognizes that certain components of the trauma system plan are dynamic and often changing, e.g. dates of education courses…. For this reason the NTRAC has chosen to have a web site. All members of NTRAC have been advised to book mark this page “” so that the information is readily available for everyone.

The NTRAC has also completed their process of 501 c 3 and as of May, 1999, the NTRAC is a 501 c 3 organization.

The Lead Facility is United Regional, 11th Street Campus in Wichita Falls, which was granted Level II Trauma Center designation in early 2013. All other member facilities are Level IV.

The North Texas Regional Advisory Council, NTRAC, Trauma Plan will undergo a formal review and update on an annual schedule.

The majority of the service area of NTRAC, TSA-C is Rural. There is a renewed level of cooperation among members with standard goals and commitment toward a true workable system for improved trauma care.

NTRAC Address:

North Texas Regional Advisory Council
PO Box 3706
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301

Revised June 2013: Oct 2015; Oct 2016: Oct 2017
Reviewed Oct 2014